Unforeseen Incidents

A plague and a mystery. Who brought this here and how do we survive? This game is sufficiently challenging and has the coolest drawing style. If you are a point & click fan. This is a hard recommend.

Opening up this game I was not sure what to expect. I Initially chose this game for the aesthetic of the cover art. As the avid Nancy Drew fan and self-appointed Point and Click gamer of the group this mystery story seemed right up my alley.

Starting the game off with the morning radio show, we get some exposition before we descend into a derelict and deserted town, where start looking for our scientist friend to whom we owe a favour.

I won’t get too much into the story, as that’s really what drives the game forward, so I’ll say you have to play this one yourself to get into it. But as a start, a plague has made its way to your town and 90% of the town has moved out or moved on.
While running your errands you hear an explosion and the remaining occupants evacuate to a nearby city and your old town is now a biohazard.

With the simplistic art style, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the game is fully voice acted with a series of sarcastic main characters and dopey side characters that you can interact with.

This game is your typical point-and-click style mystery, much like Kathy Rain and a little like the Nancy Drew Dossiers (if you’ve had the chance to play those games) The concept is easy enough, I think it can be best described by calling it ‘eye spy’.

If you have never played this style of game, the basic premise is that you explore the different scenes where there are items that you have to locate and add to your inventory. Those items are then combined with other characters, scenes, or each other to progress in the story.

Some of the puzzles I found to be more challenging than others, but the radio signal triangulation has to be my favourite. You have to move between locations and pinpoint where a broadcast came from in the middle of what I think is a national park.

There is replayability if you are one who likes to challenge their time trials and complete the mystery faster and faster each time. Overall a solid game with a decent amount of gameplay (I finished the game in about 10 hours), which makes it a good value for me.

Definitely worth checking out.