You know a lot of things happened in 2018… Some good, some bad, and some you just want to laugh at. I’ve two written about two games that are Battle Royale games in our Just Bad section of the website. As time went on, there are a lot of crazy things that happened in the industry. Of course, the Just Bad list is intended for games that fail horribly, like massive flops that are essentially dead on arrival. News stories fly by so fast, that with life getting in the way, there’s no time to write about it or discuss it on the podcast. Then I had the idea: The game industry, is just one massive game, a massively terrible game, and so why not dedicate a whole list of the bad things that happened in 2018. That is what I’m going to do, this is going to be a yearly tradition: I’m taking the opportunity to catalog all of the best of the worst of 2018. So welcome to The Big Flops of 2018 as we usher into 2019 (2 months into 2019).