A mind-bending, empty yet vibrant, psychological puzzle game that will truly test how well can you think out of the box and sometimes in the box

It is best to think of Antichamber as a Labyrinth. It is huge and has tons of paths you can take that go back into itself, but when you turn back around a corner you just came from you are met with a new path that wasn’t the one you came from. This is both the best and most frustrating part of Antichamber. Your mental map will constantly need adjusting, and that’s before you get the block gun!

You will get a tool that lets you pick up blocks and place them, then as you progress you will encounter upgrades to the gun that unlock new features. Let’s go over the different guns and what they do.

The Blue Gun is the first you get, this will let you pick up and place blue blocks one at a time. This opens a ton of paths you couldn’t access before.

Next is the Green Gun. This allows you to hold right-click and pick up many blocks by sweeping over them or hold left-click to place them where you are looking.

The Yellow Gun unlocks the ability to move blocks. Sometimes blocks will just respawn after getting picked up. This is both good for getting large numbers of blocks but can also literally block your path. Holding mouse wheel you can highlight a block, look somewhere else, and release the button. This will move the blocks to that location if possible.

The Red Gun; this lets you fill a space by holding left-click in 1 spot and it will place blocks rippling out in a circular pattern where you started until the space is full or you let go. Holding right-click will suck them up from the outside in, this lets you collect all placed blocks in 1 spot which is very handy.

Standard logic goes out the window, so you will need to combine these different guns and adapt to the ever changing maze to make your way out! Thinking outside the box is an asset. Try anything and everything and you will usually be rewarded with a new path or something to explore! This one took me a little over 4 and a half hours to beat, but there is so much to come back to and play again. Paths you didn’t take, secrets to unlock, easter eggs to find.

Check out my live-stream of Antichamber and see if this is up your alley!