Beat Saber

Test your skills with a lightsaber and slice blocks in time to the music in this insanely fun VR Rhythm game. You will be sweating buckets and not want to stop any time soon!

From the moment I saw the first teaser for Beat Saber, I was hyped. Rhythm games have been a long time favourite and the way it looked in the trailer had me wanting to play it at that moment. I picked it up and was not disappointed in the slightest.

Pick between Solo and Party mode then a song and difficulty. Gameplay is very easy to pick up even if you skip the tutorial (like me!). You have one saber in each hand, a blue in your right and red in your left. Blocks will come towards you with an arrow marker on it that you need to slash with the saber of the matching colour.

It was so much more fun than I expected and, to my surprise, it is one hell of a workout. It had me sweating bullets like you wouldn’t believe but at no point did I want to stop, at one point my wife came into the room saying “My turn! My turn!” but when I lifted up the headset and reveled a torrent of sweat and she immediately said “Nevermind…”. Be prepared to move and jump around as you play, the more you get into the songs the more fun you will have.

Speaking of songs, there are 10 songs in the game in the current Early Access release. They are working on a level editor but they had some technical issues it needed to be delayed. I stumbled across an unaffiliated site called Beat Saver that offers custom tracks via a mod that will add a new option to download songs in-game and select them in your library. Your experience may vary with these songs and the mod pack so install at your own risk for that one 😉