Simple yet challenging. A nice take on a pattern based puzzle game.

While I initially thought I could burn through the levels in a few minutes (maybe 30 max), I did like the increasing levels of difficulty that this game presented as the game moved forward. For $1 (USD) this is a great game if you’re looking for something casual or quick to play. Phat32 and I each played through the full game in under 2 hours.

The levels progress nicely adding in new functions that add to the level of difficulty, but the game itself is not hard to navigate.
I appreciate a game that does not require a full-blown walkthrough to understand how to play. The creators designed the game to be intuitive from the very beginning introducing the controls in how you start the game.

The designers have forgone the traditional number/letter based level identifiers for an on theme Hexagon shaped status bar. So if you’re only glancing at your friend’s screen to watch for “tips” unless your eyes can accurately measure in small increments, you won’t know exactly which level they have just passed.
In the menu you can adjust your game preferences as you would expect. I prefer to play without the parallax setting on, “3D screensavers” on my iPhone are enough.

For a simplistic game there is not a whole lot to say, other than it’s a good buy and a nice play. Now that I’ve had some time to forget the answers, I’ll definitely play through this again.