Monster Hunter: World (First Impressions)

It’s the classic gameplay loop of kill monster to make better gear to kill a bigger monster and it’s done phenomenally. Oh, and the port is good.

So while I sit around for a week waiting for my new computer to get in while my old one sits dying in a soundless hellscape. I thought i’d write up my opinions on Monster Hunter World in a more extended format. This won’t be a full review as I have not played it enough to give it justice at only about five hours of gametime and about half an hour of that spent crashing as my computer committed seppuku.

As for the first and most pressing concern about the game “How’s the PC Port?” it’s fine. Just fine. It’s not Witcher 3 but it’s certainly no Arkham Knight either it will run fine on most up to date systems. Common complaints are that it is a little more CPU heavy than it really should be and I can’t argue too much on that at least not until my new one comes in. Other complaints are that it is incredibly hard to maintain 60fps at higher fidelity resolutions but I have not personally been able to test this my monitor only being 1080p.

As for gameplay, i’m new to the entire franchise as a whole. My Monster Hunter experience prior to this is playing a single mission in the MH4U Beta demo on 3DS when that initially released. However, the weapon variety is great and immediately accessible, which while might be daunting to some players I personally consider it a huge bonus of not having to wade through constant RNG to get the weapon type I want.

The few monsters I have fought so far have been incredibly satisfying to fight. I am looking forward to taking down bigger enemies.

I can’t comment on the online quality as I haven’t been able to get into a lobby with any of the few people who have the game early nor being able to find another content creator to play with.

Overall, I think it’s certainly a game to pick up if a core gameplay loop of “Kill Monster, Make Stuff out of It, Kill Bigger Monster” is something that interests you. I can easily see myself sinking fifty hours into this game without even realizing where the time has gone.