WILL: A Wonderful World

Great puzzle game, with an interesting game play. Very reading heavy, but a dynamic use of Music/FX to pull you into the stories & scenes. Easy to get sucked into the world the creators have designed.

I started playing WILL: A Wonderful World the same way I jump into most games, knowing a premise and the style. What I didn’t expect was to be pulled into the world of the “God” character for 2 hours in a coffee shop. The Gods in the story are a nice change from the drama of the human stories, cutting away with their own banter and some occasional fourth wall breaks, the Dog-God is sassy butyou holds some secrets… What are you hiding dog?

From what I can see this game started in Chinese, but has been carefully translated and is now available in English as well. If it was translated, I am very impressed so far. The English version doesn’t feel like an awkward translation, and flows seamlessly. Looking past just the written portion of this game’s story, the music and sound effects do a wonderful job of creating the worlds and setting the stage, with some beautiful artwork that appears when you get the stories just right. The characters have their own distinct voices, and the opening of each letter starts in the native language of where their stories take place. Even without having a cut scene to bring you through the stories, you are drawn in by subtle cues in the music, or a jarring jolt of the screen.

I haven’t put a lot of time into this game, but so far it’s a Yes for me. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this story, and the character web unfolds. The artwork in the “Opening Titles” was enough to get me hooked, because it introduced all of the players at once, so I know what to look forward to.

By no means is this a quick game, there are varying numbers of outcomes for each story, and even if you choose to play the “hard mode” of the game, you are not stuck there, and can always choose for a specific letter or event to show the hints, and go right back into the same level you chose when the next part of the story is revealed (which I appreciate as a casual gamer.) It doesn’t have a huge learning curve, and anyone who is into story-heavy games can get into this pretty quickly without needing a super spec’d out gaming rig 🙂