A cute and fun game for all ages and abilities. Very little learning curve with just enough challenge to keep it interesting. Controller necessary.

Fun for all and all for fun! Biped is the perfect game to load up and play with your family and friends, new to games or seasoned vets. The controls are simple, you have your right thumbstick and your left thumbstick. That’s it that’s all.

If you are familiar with QWOP (I’ll wait while you waste a few hours over there…) you have limited controls, and must co-ordinate your limbs to get anywhere. It’s a little easier in Biped, you only have your left and right feet to control with their respective thumbsticks, but you have to work together with your partner to make it through to the end.

The main story is a quick game, with a novice player we made it through in around 3 hours. The beacons need to be repaired, so you and your little robot buddy must traverse through a strange world to light them up. You need to communicate clearly with your partner so that you can complete the puzzles, some actions are designated to one colour over the other. This was I think the trickiest challenge for us, although you may have an easier time if you are actually sitting side by side. We were sitting on opposite ends of the house using voice chat.

After completing each stage, two advanced variations will unlock so you can truly test your synchronicity.

The simplified controls do offer a surprising benefit, in that there is a low barrier to entry to get into the game. No need to pause to look down and make sure you are clicking the correct button, your thumbs are planted on those thumbsticks for good. Additionally, if you happen to game with one hand it is simple enough to control both feet on a standard controller (so maybe I’ll convince my mom to give it a try.)

If you’d like to watch a playthrough of the experienced and noob gamer duo, you can check out the live stream VOD below: