Nippon Marathon

Inspired by Japanese gameshows presents a crazy and fun local multiplayer foot race for fame! From heat seeking melons to old men in skirts, there is a lot of potential for this early access title.

I pretty much love this game, and I want to see more of it. So far I have been playing this game in single player, but even then it is still very fun to play through. One moment your in the lead and then suddenly you wind up tripping into a spectator, or getting knocked down by melons raining from the sky. It’s not all about winning the race, but being the most popular among the competition. You gain popularity by outrunning the competition, using items against your opponents, and answering the random question by Wedy Jones (The game’s field reporter). There is also (so far) a colorful cast of characters such as… man in lobster costume, girl in narwhal hoodie, a guy with a dog for a head, and an old man in schoolgirl uniform. This game is indeed a good time, especially with friends.

This game is an early access title, so that means this game is still unfinished (I mean you can’t even change the volume and sound effects, just turn them off and on). There are so far 4 courses, with 4 more coming later (I really want to see the Steamy Steamy Monkeys level), including a full marathon mode and even a planned story mode. My only criticism is that the character models don’t exactly look… amazing… but the game is seen from a top-down perspective so it’s not that big a deal. I would love to see more come to the game, maybe even see an online multiplayer mode get added to the game (though according to the devs it doesn’t look like they have any plans to add online multiplayer). As it stands this is a game I do highly recommend it, even in its current state. This is the ideal game to invite some friends over to your place and have a good laughing time.

Please note that a controller is HIGHLY recommended for this game.

If your interested in this title, its available on Steam for only $9.99! Check out the store page here!

Doki Doki Literature Club

Fun and engaging game with a twist that comes out of left field. Not very long, but worth the time, definitely worth a second play through to unlock all its secrets. Love the art style and characters?

This is a great game, even for someone who is a casual gamer (like me) I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to seeing a game all the way through.

With the twists and turns that this game threw my way (even after seeing a brief screenshot spoiler) it still threw me for a loop when it finally came down to it. Even as a straight female, playing a game that insisted I was a he (although I heard you can choose your gender in a fan-made after story) it was still enjoyable and creeped me out just enough to keep me interested.

I applaud the developers for the thought that was put into this seemingly simplistic game, that is terrifyingly self-aware. If you haven’t gotten spoiled by the internet yet I definitely suggest avoiding spoilers like the plague and jumping right into it for yourself. It’s free on Steam.





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