Deep Rock Galactic

A fantastic co-op shooter that is fun to play with friends, or with strangers. Features 4 unique classes, various underground environments, crazy horde combat, with much more to come!

I very much liked Deep Rock Galactic.

Even as an early access game, Deep Rock Galactic provides a lot of entertainment, especially with friends (or strangers). One moment your just mining for some Morkite and then suddenly you find out about a swarm coming for your ass! It turns from a simple expedition to a fight for your life! One Dwarf is building turrets, another Dwarf is gunning down the big ones, while the other Dwarf is burning the little guys. The levels can vary from simple straightforward caves to literal mazes where you can easily get lost (unless you dig to your allies). You can play in by yourself and you even get a robot companion that helps with digging and combat but playing with a group is ideal for this game.

There are some hiccups with the game, such as the placement for the dropship, and a bug I came across that spawns me below the dropship and makes me fall through the world. Of course, I do spawn right back (except for that one time where I fell through the world and landed into a deeper part of the cave and died). Regardless this game is very great, even if it is still in development. There is much more to look forward to, such as cosmetics and maybe more weapons and enemies. This is a game I highly recommend!

If your interested in this game, check it out the steam store page here!