Doki Doki Literature Club

Fun and engaging game with a twist that comes out of left field. Not very long, but worth the time, definitely worth a second play through to unlock all its secrets. Love the art style and characters?

This is a great game, even for someone who is a casual gamer (like me) I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to seeing a game all the way through.

With the twists and turns that this game threw my way (even after seeing a brief screenshot spoiler) it still threw me for a loop when it finally came down to it. Even as a straight female, playing a game that insisted I was a he (although I heard you can choose your gender in a fan-made after story) it was still enjoyable and creeped me out just enough to keep me interested.

I applaud the developers for the thought that was put into this seemingly simplistic game, that is terrifyingly self-aware. If you haven’t gotten spoiled by the internet yet I definitely suggest avoiding spoilers like the plague and jumping right into it for yourself. It’s free on Steam.





Just Monika.